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Have you ever wondered if your staff was absorbing and taking in all that you have taught them? Do you wonder if your training skills are still effective? How do you take the “theory” of exceptional service and translate it into part of your everyday activities? Well, Aesthetics 360° was pleased to learn all their staff training on phone skills and consultative skills regarding world class service and creating a value have not gone to waste. As a matter of fact, we got a lesson in practicing what you preach on “making business better from the inside out.”

Upon visiting one of our clients not too long ago, we had the opportunity to “live and learn.” In this particular practice there has been a lot of “tasks” set upon the group due to moving locations, new phone systems, increased call volume , change in staff and working in a confined area. All of these things can clearly distract one from creating a world class environment. It’s easy to be distracted when so many operational tasks are sitting in front of you waiting to be completed. It’s possible to neglect the person in front of you, because you are the phone with someone else, or you are noticing another person is walking in and you are falling behind. Where is the balance in achieving your desired number of patient consultations and surgical conversion and also achieving a world class experience with short wait time?

It was an employee who came to us and stated that the experience was clearly not world class that day. That A360°, the packed schedule and the doctor was actually distracting the team. We were consumed with our “tasks” and discussions. Discussions which needed to wait until after the patients had left. We of course were ecstatic that someone had the ability to speak up and ask for help finding a solution to this problem. It’s one thing to pontificate about how patients should perceive their experience, but it is another to apply these processes effectively. It is something we all need to focus on every day. And there does need to be a balance because one must fill the daily schedule with patients in hopes of converting leads into actual “surgeries” but if the patient has to wait for two hours to see the doctor, the experience has now become less than optimal and the chance of gaining this patient as a long term patient has now decreased. Clearly word of mouth referral at this point would not be “top of mind.”

While all of the consultative training and customer service instruction we have put into this office is paying off and the team really “get’s it”-one has to wonder how do we solve the problem of still needing to fill the schedule, taking into account no shows and cancellations, while not creating an environment where one is sitting waiting for two hours to see the doctor. This is a challenge we continue to face everywhere, but have learned we can still make the experience, even while waiting “memorable.” Engage in conversation, offer beverages, ensure patients they have not been forgotten, setting up a patient education area, allowing wireless access and an area where patients can use their computers, etc.

How do you create an atmosphere where everyone completes their tasks but still puts forth the “special attention” to every person they come into contact with? The answer could lie in follow up sales training or secret shopping the practice. Perhaps in having the team visit other practices to compare experiences? All of these processes are important, but the bottom line is that every day MUST consist of memorable moments. Reflect on the day’s events. Did you “Make their day?”If not, what could have been done better? Always try for a better day tomorrow..and then next week and always remember you are never too old to learn new tricks and you are never so great, you cannot do better!

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