Practice “Getting Back to Basics”

As Aesthetics 360 reflected back on 2010 and wrote their wind up article for 2010 “A Year In Practice” we highlighted core areas that everyone agreed were critical to maintaining and growing a successful practice. Watch for the article in Aesthetic Trends and Technologies Magazine Q1 section “In Practice.”
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While there were several areas everyone agreed upon to target, one area we saw neglected by even the experts was what we call “getting back to basics.” As a patient clearly stated to us last week while I was working with a client in Orlando “It’s the little things that make the difference.” In this situation it was a hand written note reminding this patient about her follow up appointment. She thought it was the greatest thing ever and reminded her why she chose this practice. Their attention to detail and dedication to a caring environment. The team sent the note because they could not seem to contact the patient on the phone or in an email. Hand written notes are a process Aesthetics360 implemented in this practice in Orlando, Florida about three months ago. The staff seemed very dedicated to this process during my return visit. In addition to a hand written note we decided it was most important to send this note in a smaller size card, not a typical letter size envelope. It had a better chance of being opened. Yes, simple. Yes easy. Yes, why are more practices not doing this?

Another basic we have been getting back to with our clients is obtaining testimonials. How do we do this? We obtain these at the happiest moment and we have a pre made form for the patient to write their testimonial on and they also sign their approval for us to use the testimonial in advertising pieces. We have tried to make every visit a memorable moment so we are making even writing the testimonial a fun project. The team at this office has ordered “antibacterial pens” inserted in a branded sleeve to give to their patients. The patients are given their new pen and asked to use their new pen to write their testimonials. The testimonials are immediately posted on the website. Yes simple, yes easy and yes, why aren’t more practices doing this?

What about saying “thank you?” Aesthetics 360 was recently speaking at a conference. We asked by a show of hands which practices were sending “thank you cards.” The response was disappointing. Not even 10% of the audience. Didn’t your mother teach you to write thank you notes? It goes a long way. Read the recent article in USA today by Craig Wilson about “thank you notes.” http://www.usatoday.com/life/columnist/finalword/2010-12-08-final08_ST_N.htm?csp=34

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