Make It Happen

Some make it happen, some watch it happen, and some say, “What happened?”

       – Anonymous
Which one are you today? Which one were you yesterday? Which one do you want to be tomorrow? The competition is not out there, it is inside your practice. It is within you and it is only you who can make change. If you look outside to pass the responsibility of the underachieving practice goals on others: basically “blaming” your decline in revenue because of what your “competitors” are doing, you will never be able to rise up and help your practice to reach and exceed your goals. Sure, you should be aware always as to what the other practices are offering, but take that information and glean from it how you can make your team better and more unique. Most importantly allow your team to think out of the box and help your patients experience the “value in choosing you.” Be the practice that makes it happen.
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