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Just like we tell our customers, Aesthetics 360 has to repeat to themselves when they are on the road, when determining when and where to spend your time, ask yourself this:  Will it help me grow my business? Will this help me be more efficient? What is the long term goal? Does the cost balance out the benefit? Aesthetics 360 has been on the road since Feb 3 on the west coast, meeting with skin care and financing companies, plastic surgeons and body countouring  and dental technology leaders such as Santa Barbara Medical Innovations and Aligntech.  And we had to circle back to our core work philosophies during these meetings and it reminded us, as you continue toward growing your business in 2010, you need to be structured to achieve your goals. So our hot topic for this week after meeting with so many people is, how are you measuring your success and your leads? We would like to know! Do you measure your number of leads from all facets of your practice? Do you measure the number of “quality leads” and by that we mean, how many leads have grown into actual paid services and long term loyal patients? Do you use a web based crm program? What has worked and was has not? We will be updating our thoughts on this as well.
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