How do we become memorable?

Another way to gain referrals is by being “memorable.” When working in the field of Laser Vision Correction, we found over and over again that, while patients experienced an incredible “wow” factor after reducing their need for glasses and contacts, their appreciation for their new found vision and the doctor who helped them achieve that vision, rather quickly diminishes.  And we found when we asked people several months after their procedure, who treated them; most people could not remember the name of the practice or the doctor!  Hard to believe but true. Why is that? Were the doctor and the practice not memorable enough? Was the event not life changing? Perhaps it is because, no matter how wonderful a service or a procedures is and no matter how much it enhances one’s life, the event remains a memorable event, but the process and people who led to the event become of less importance. How do we change this? By engaging with the patient on-going. Never ceasing the means and mechanism of communication. Find ways to help people relive the event and pass it on to others. Do not become complacent. Do not assume because you have the best training and the best technology patients will come. There needs to be more and we need to be world class and memorable!

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