A fun customer service story to renew your faith!

Recently, or should I say, a little over one year ago-this is important when discussing the “a little over one year ago” point -my husband purchased a Keurig Coffee Maker for me as a post operative recuperating gift. I think the gift was really for my husband as he uses the coffee maker just as much or even more than I do. Silly, we have grown so dependent upon this coffee maker that recently it stopped working and you would have thought the world was coming to an end. Yes we had a traditional coffee maker in the house but could we even remember how to make coffee in this traditional coffee pot? Or were we simply so lazy, we did not want to remember how to count the coffee ground scoops and take the time to pour the water in the pot. I think we both instantly went into a state of depression. What were we going to do? Our little Keurig coffee maker does not work. And, of course, it was no longer under warrantee. Yes it broke right after the warranty period.

We figured for sure we would be victims of “sales prevention, how may I not help you” so my husband did what any sensible person would do. First he looked for the manual, but he could not find it. Then he went on line and downloaded the manual. He read the instructions and tried in every way to “problem solve” and fix our broken coffee maker. Finally he succumbed to calling the company, something we should have done first, but we are so used to limited service, or talking to a call center in another country reading their standard response lines, we went the traditional route first-trying to fix it ourselves. Now either they are used to this happening, or they are still a young company, but after four phone calls, and hours, yes I mean hours of speaking to my husband over the phone trying various ways of getting this coffee maker to work, they asked my husband a series of questions. And my husband was actually honest when he said; no I never did those things you are telling me to do, until this week. No I did not clean the unit on a regular basis. No I did not rinse it with Vinegar, etc…and you know what they said? Mr. Lapointe, we are going to send you a brand new coffee maker. Not only are we going to send you new coffee maker, we are sending you a better model. An updated model and we are so sorry we could not help you fix the one you have.

Astounded, Mr. Lapointe asked, what will the shipping cost be for this? And the service agent said no cost to you Mr. Lapointe. You should have it within 4-7 business days. Amazed and astounded, we learned customer service still exists and continues to make loyal customers out of us. Of course we will continue to spend money on those tiny little coffee cups that are specifically made for this coffee maker! Their renewable fee will get our continued support. We will keep this company in business and we will tell three friends if not more!
World class service and exceeding our expectations does still exist and sometimes we just need to be reminded-it is out there.

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