My First ZERONA Appointment

OMG, I just had my first visit to learn about ZERONA and I have decided to get it done! What better way to help jump start my exercise and weight management regimen and help me get in those skinny jeans! Actually, I have been looking at body slimming, fat reduction, skin tightening, you name it, I have been reading about it. I was looking for something non invasive as swim suit times is coming so quickly! I cannot say enough great things about Classique Medical Spa and the office of Dr. Poulos http://www.drpoulos.com/.  From the moment I walked in they made me feel totally comfortable and answered all of my questions without making me feel rushed or just “stupid.” I mean where does that fat really go? They explained it all to me. And I initially thought it was too good to be true, but after hearing about their success stories I was a believer. Let’s see if you can become a believer as we document our progress starting May 17th!

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