Building A Great Team Helps a Business Grow

Building a great team creates an environment where a business will flourish: We have talked at length about obtaining referrals and  creating memorable events, but we have not yet discussed “finding the right team” and “building the ship” as my friend Michael, Co-owner of Glacial Multi Media, refers to when speaking about our business models. At Aesthetics360 we work on building that ship on a daily basis through remarkable working relationships both within and outside of our company. We experience the positive results as we place our efforts toward common goals. We work as a team. What makes this team a success as well as others? Having a common purpose, aspirations and “skin in the game.”  That “skin in the game” keeps a team invested. It does not mean there needs to be a monetary incentive to be dedicated to a company. It could be the feeling one gets from achieving success. It could be the ability to utilize ones creative side. It could be the “word of mouth “referrals achieved from producing world class services to your clients. Additionally, by having mutual respect for each team member’s strengths and what they contribute to the completion of every project, your clients/patients sense the harmony in the work place and “feel” better about their choice in you. But how do you go about finding the right team? Is it luck? Is it a gut instinct? We would like to hear your thoughts.

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