Attention to Details

What is attention to detail? We talk about it. We insist many people on our team need to have this quality. I looked it up on line and I got this: Attention to Detail — Is thorough in accomplishing a task with concern for all the areas involved, no matter how small.

Some jobs need people who can handle both the small and large parts of a task. Such individuals won’t overlook what needs to be done and can be depended on to do each task accurately and completely.
Key Behaviors:
  • Keeps a project checklist, covering all the details that might be overlooked.
  • Checks, and rechecks work for mistakes before sending out.
  • Follows procedures exactly to make sure all parts of a job are completed.
  • Compares finished work to what is expected.
  • Performs routine or repetitious tasks with care and attention.
  • Reviews work carefully for completeness and accuracy.
  • Makes sure equipment is working before it is needed in a project.
Key Words — checklist, review, accuracy. orderly, errors, omissions, precise, thorough
Wow, it certainly seems like this captures the essence of what we look for in our “team” in our practices. Now that you read this, do you think you have a team who collectively can do this 100% of the time? How important is it to you that you have a checklist say for “what happens after an inquiry” or “what happens during a consult” or “what happens prior to surgery?” Aesthetics 360 has been training several teams this last three months and we have found a need for checklists. Regardless how experienced or mature the people we work with are-we have come to realize we all could use a refresher on using checklists. Not only for training purposes but as a reminder for everyone for the “little things” as we can easily become complacent and forget to do the simple things, like stand up, walk out from behind the desk and shake someone’s hand while introducing yourself. Seems easy. Sounds easy…but I can tell you I was training someone the other day and we both forgot to get up, walk around the desk and shake the person’s hand that was in front of us.
And while we talk about attention to detail, it came to my attention today while speaking to a client that he feels “his attention to detail” in picking out office furniture, office equipment, even the bathroom tile will reflect to his patients his how very much he cares. Is this true? What are your thoughts?
Many years ago the laser center I worked for, was purchased by another company. We had a “preflight” checklist in our laser suite. The COO came to visit and asked me what was attached to the wall. I said that is our pre flight checklist-we use it every time we do surgery. The COO laughed and thought it was ridiculous. Two weeks later that COO called me and asked me for a copy of the checklist to put in all their laser centers…I did not ask why, but I am sure I know why. No, why wait for a problem to occur-why not be proactive and create mechanisms which will allow us to be through, always pay attention to detail and minimize room for error?
What about customer service? How can we improve in the attention to detail area? We would love to hear your thoughts!
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