Aesthetics360 Bootcamp: Empower your team to build patient connections and participate in patient care.

Your staff is busy. Collecting patient information and managing daily tasks can create a barrier between your team and your patients, with staff focusing more on collecting patient data than connecting with the patient. 

Practices are adding more and more services that present value to your patients, but is your team on board with promoting and engaging patients regarding these services? It’s not uncommon for patients to be overwhelmed by the number of options available to them, and when new services are not covered by insurance, identifying patient needs and patient education is critical to sell these services. 

With in-person bootcamps from Aesthetics360, your administrative, management, marketing, and physician staff will learn and understand the value advanced services can bring to your practice. We will help enhance your team’s skills for: 

  • Improving the patient journey through hands-on engagements exercises
  • Increasing acceptance rates and decreasing chair time by using our FAB strategy
  • Collectively creating moments of ‘AWE’ through our problem-solving workshops
  • Getting them out of their comfort zone and educating patients on the services and procedures now available, beyond what is customary and covered by insurance.

Executed properly, the result is a patient journey in which the staff is seen as a partner in the patient-clinic relationship, not simply a supplier of services and products. 

We provide solutions for both private practices and corporate partners globally; our industry experts deliver training and messaging to your staff, who will spend the day learning from our consultants and will leave feeling prepared to implement new strategies in your practice. 

Learn more about our Bootcamp programs by contacting Christine at [email protected].

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