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Consulting Services

Our team of professional consultants will provide you the support and guidance your practice needs. With over 100 years experience in the elective procedure market we have the knowledge to help you drive your business to the next level. Consulting services can be provided on an a la carte or monthly retainer. We will assist in determining which plan will best meet your practice needs and expectations. Listen to what our clients are saying!

Aesthetics 360 Bootcamps

With the constant changes in technology, digital platforms, and advanced service offerings, we find that our customers get caught up in the “collection of facts” with their patients instead of “connecting” with their patients.

As more services are added to the practice, more work is placed upon the existing team. It becomes difficult to get “staff buy in.” Patients become confused with all of the options before them. Many practices are integrating advanced technologies and services to patients before obtaining proper “staff buy in” and training. To complicate matters, many of these services are not covered by what is considered ‘customary’ per government or insurance.

In this new environment, the physician’s role is changing. The physician must integrate clinical knowledge with interpersonal skills to assist the patient in understanding and accepting the intangible benefits of such services including, but not limited to, cataract and refractive procedures, dry eye programs, and aesthetics services.

The staff’s role is changing too. Practices are now, more than ever, challenged with identifying patient needs and creating a more comprehensive approach to the patient journey. With that challenge, physicians need to support and recognize the importance of staff education and active participation in patient care. Patient care begins at first contact and extends beyond the completion of the procedure. Executed properly, the result is a patient journey in which the staff is seen as a partner in the patient-clinic relationship, not simply a supplier of services and products.

Aesthetics 360 provides a solution for both private practice and corporate partners. Our Bootcamp Programs are designed to work with Administration, Management, Physicians, Staff, and Marketing teams to understand the value of the advanced services now available to patients. Our industry experts deliver training and consistent messaging to all members of the staff in a unique setting. Spend the day learning from our consultants and leave prepared to integrate our strategies into your practice. To learn more about our programs contact [email protected]. Visit our events page to see photos from some of our recent programs.

Practice Assessments

Evaluating where you stand is the only way to move forward to where you want to be. Self evaluation is one of the most difficult areas to approach with a practice but is the first step in diagnosing areas in need of change. Our practice assessments can be performed for phones and internal processes alike. Each point of contact you have with your client should be evaluated before making changes.

Project Management

Whether it is a large scale evaluation and overhaul, a simple adjustment, or incorporation of new products and technology, Aesthetics 360° can help manage the project for your practice. From regular in house implementation and supervision to remote evaluations, no project is too large or small. Our solutions for your practice’s growth and your individual goals are tailored to your practice.

Staff Training

With constant changes in healthcare reimbursements, practices are looking for ways to increase revenue, improve quality of care and differentiate themselves from competitors. Physicians are adding advanced technologies and medical services to their existing practices. The technology is expensive and the services, while often better for the patients, are not always fully covered by insurance. These on-going changes are making the practice of medicine continuously more difficult for healthcare providers and patients. With these added procedures and variations in reimbursements, educating the patient has become ever more critical in providing quality outcomes and patient compliance.

Your responsibility as a healthcare provider now requires you to expand the progression in how you and your team communicate to patients both pre-and post-operatively. Standard operating systems must be put into place allowing your staff to engage in dialogue with patients from the first point of contact through the life of the patient relationship. It is this specialty that Aesthetics 360 concentrates on with our customers. Our team of seasoned professionals will provide you and you staff the hands-on training needed to grow your practice in the most comfortable and encouraging environment. Our training will provide you the skills in obtaining the necessary medical and lifestyle information to help the physician and patient choose the best next steps in their medical care. It is also this training that will help your practice realize its maximum potential and revenue.

Our process targets the use of what we call the four ‘E’s.’ It is this approach that allows us to teach your team how to enrich the patient experience, increase patient satisfaction and compliance and grow revenue.

  • Engage: Create an experience which establishes trust and credibility
  • Equip: Provide up to date education materials and increase patient understanding
  • Encourage: Encourage dialogue by asking questions, listening to the answers, and identifying clinical and lifestyle needs of each patient.
  • Empower: Empower your patients to ask questions and make decisions based on clinical recommendations, understanding of procedures and lifestyle needs.

While observing your practice through assessments and mystery shops is a great start, making a real change will require you and your staff to adopt new ideas. The key to your success will be the management and communication to staff ongoing after the initial training event. Ask about our corporate and practice ‘train the trainer’ programs. To learn more, contact the team.

Business Development

In most client’s minds the term “Business Development” is a rather vague descriptor. For Aesthetics 360°, it is a very specific plan for growing your business from the inside out. Only through customized evaluation and benchmarking can you know where and how quickly you can achieve your goals. Your potential can be revealed by our experts who will look inside your business for opportunities to grow rather than defaulting to a one size fits all marketing campaign. A customized plan for every customer’s individual needs.

Dry Eye Management Services

Our consulting team is always looking for paths to elevate the patient experience and set appropriate patient expectations. By bringing methods to practices that enhance the visual healthcare needs of patients, we assist in improved patient outcomes while at the same time increase essential point revenue. Our team understands that building a dry eye service takes time, energy, resources and finances. Many of you are interested proactive diagnosis and better dry eye solutions but will want to start slowly and gradually grow a comprehensive program as resources permit.

As a rule, ocular surface disease continues to be a major complaint of patients. We believe there are now better ways to address these needs than there were even three years ago. Our in house and remote learning dry eye programs can help you execute a dry eye business plan that is proactive and effective for all patients. We don’t want you to wait for patient complaints, we want to you to find solutions to symptoms with science, education, and practical education.

That said, we know dry eye and dry eye symptoms are very common in older adults. And through the years, we have seen an overwhelming need to address dry eye symptoms in patients who have undergone vision correction procedures such as LASIK and cataract surgery or  looking only at the long term contact lens users and abusers. Could the missing link be in addressing dry eye in all patients young, middle age or in their senior years?

To make matters worse, many people simply don’t seek any formal or structured treatment plans. Consumer studies conducted by Allergan suggest that dry eyes are even more prevalent than previously believed and supports the former suggestion that most Americans fail to seek professional help for their symptoms.

So, this begs the question-when is the right time to address dry eye disease? Do we wait for complaints or only engage in this disease as we prepare a person for surgery?  Or do we proactively discuss, educate, and create an individualized care plan for all patients and manage dry eye disease before it becomes a problem spiraling out of control? Speak to our team today about learning more about the management and implementation of dry eye programs in your practice.

Read more about the Allergan Survey Dry Eyes: How to Relieve Dry Eye Syndrome – AllAboutVision.com. Contact Christine Lapointe for more information regarding in house and remote training and  program implementation. Our programs are not a ‘one size fits all.’ We understand the uniqueness of all practices and find alternatives that you can use and expand upon through time.

Patient Financing Solutions

For Aesthetics 360, evaluating practice operations can mean bringing on new programs to improve the patient experience and increase revenue. As the desire to integrate self -pay services throughout all specialties is increasing, it has become more important than ever to help our practices find the right tools and platforms for success. One of these important tools is to have a solid patient financing program in place. We see patient financing as ‘the cost of doing business,’ but to many practices, financing programs are seen as a hindrance and one more platform that reduces efficacy. The reality is patient financing is what grows your referral base and increases self-pay procedures.

Practices need to make money, but they also must have the ability to help patients move forward by offering affordable procedures. This is a difficult balancing act but can be accomplished with our guidance and the right financing partner. Click here and scroll through our business development library to learn more about some of our financing partners. We know patient financing, and we know it will grow your business. Let us show you how contact us!

Business Coaching

“Business Coaching is a process applied to improve an organizations’ performance and simultaneously promote, accelerate and manage change.”

Change is not always easy for people. Change is something that takes us out of our personal comfort zone. For some, change is welcomed and exciting. For others, there could be a feeling of annoyance and even dread. Business coaching can help everyone adapt to change at their own pace without disrupting the delicate balance of respect and the competitive work environment that needs to coexist among the team. It is for these reasons that A360 has integrated Business Coaching into its repertoire of services for its customers. By applying it from both a theoretical and practical aspect, together we can define ways in which to build and manage a coaching program for your organization. Learn more about business coaching.

Meet Our Team

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Web Design and Optimization

Growing your business through your website is a fundamental part of doing business in today’s market. Reaching out to new leads through multiple mechanisms such as search engine optimization, social media and local search will give you a competitive edge. Our experts in search engine optimization and web design will determine where you stand in your market and what needs to be done to make improvement. Wouldn’t it be great to track every lead that came in from your website or technology/procedure specific landing page? Our MD Prospects online web tracking program can do that for you. It is an essential part of business for every practice driving leads through their website.

Internal / External Marketing

Everyone needs a marketing plan and we understand every practice and market is unique. Our goal is to target your practice needs from the inside out. Internal goals need to be recognized before spending external marketing dollars. Our team will prepare you for the difficult decision of determining how and where to spend your marketing budget. More importantly, we can teach you how to evaluate that investment’s success.

Mystery Shops

A professional mystery shop is an invaluable way to measure your movement when you are working to grow your business. We perform mystery shops on many different levels depending upon your practice’s needs. A series of phone mystery shops will reveal where revenue can be gained from those vital incoming calls. You will be able to hear the recorded calls with the ACE program and understand where change can occur to quickly meet your goals. Live –in clinic – mystery shops are also a great tool for learning to incorporate changes from a patient’s perspective.

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