Monthly Archives: May 2010

ZERONA treatment Day 1 at Classique Medical Spa

Well, I had my first Zerona treatment. So exciting, after I had all of my measurements taken and my weight recorded! I am so excited to see how this all turns out. I was reading a few testimonials and it seems the practice is having excellent results where I am going. It is at the office… Read More

Preparing for my ZERONA treatments

So I am taking my supplements and keeping up with my normal weight loss regimen of weight watchers and working out. I am keeping it consistent. I am a little nervouse about having my measurements taken in a week before we start the ZERONA treatments but I know it is the best way to stay… Read More

My First ZERONA Appointment

OMG, I just had my first visit to learn about ZERONA and I have decided to get it done! What better way to help jump start my exercise and weight management regimen and help me get in those skinny jeans! Actually, I have been looking at body slimming, fat reduction, skin tightening, you name it, I… Read More

First Contact My ZERONA Story

I had my initial phone call today with Mary at Dr. Poulos office at http://www.drpoulos.com/site/medical-spa.htm  in Northborough MA. I am so excited. Mary has set up my appointment for Friday and I will meet with the Nurse and Mary and learn about my next steps to losing inches with ZERONA! Mary also told me about… Read More

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