Making Business Better in Ophthalmology and Aesthetics


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Podcast: How to Overcome Sales Objections and Drive Profits at Your Practice

Making Business Better in Ophthalmology and Aesthetics

was founded in 2009 by Christine Lapointe and Laura Jackson and is now owned and operated by Christine Lapointe.
We bring our clients over 100 years of Business Development, Administrative, Customer Service, Sales, Internal Tools, and Marketing Experience from the Ophthalmic, Optometric, Dermatology and Aesthetics industry nationally and internationally.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of services vital to the support of Technology Leaders and Physician owned and Academic practices on their journey to success. We provide the systems and hands on guidance necessary for you to effectively measure results and target key areas for revenue growth from initial contact with a potential patient through long term patient retention. Aesthetics 360° is the solution for technology leaders and practices that are committed to making business better.

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Even the most successful practices need to re-evaluate themselves periodically. We call it your 'Check up!' Take this quick 5 minute checkup consisting of our 5 key questions and we will share with you over 65 years of combined consulting wisdom.

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Aesthetics 360° provides national courses, in house practice sales training and for those unable to travel to events, webinar training. Once you have recognized the value of continued investment in staff education, it is then you will achieve your desired results.

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Resource Library

When you collaborate with Aesthetics 360°, you are collaborating with a team driven to making your business better. This online resource will connect you to a team of experts who will help you achieve all of your business goals.

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Aethetics 360° spent just a week with our team but provided us with a lifetime of insight. Their in depth knowledge of our industry combined with years of practical experience quickly identified areas of our business that needed improvement. We appreciated how their recommendations were flexible enough to account for the specific nuances of our business and market.

If you want a fresh set of eyes on your business then don't hesitate to engage with Aesthetics 360° -- it will be money and time well spent.

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Let's begin your journey to success by scheduling a complimentary phone consultation. We will ask you to complete a brief questionnaire, which will assist us in our pre-assessment of your practice. This way we can determine our next steps in working together.

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